***NOTE: We are only working in office on Monday and Thursday mornings!! Orders will only ship on these days. If you need to get in touch with us email us here: TMC , since we are not in the office to answer phone calls.***

We try to keep inventory updated.  If you are able to put in your basket - then we have inventory in stock.  Once items are sold out, we will take off website.

All we have left in inventory (besides parts, including heavy duty frames) is Lemon side tables, Bellaire, Thunderbird and Riviera Metal Chairs with "raw" pan sets (this includes the white heavy duty frames and hardware to assemble). Instructions on how to paint them are listed on each page. You can also just purchase the "raw pan sets" without the frames. 


If you are interested in bulk quantities, please email us at: TMC

Why buy from us?

Making high quality, vintage style stamped metal lawn furniture is our passion and in fact, it's our full time job!  It's pretty much all we do, every day, all year long.  We're not a huge company with hundreds of employees.  Instead, we're a small, tight knit group that's anxious to visit with you about anything lawn chair related.

By being such a small, nimble company, we can provide tailored customer service to just your needs.  From parts to repair your old pieces to outfitting your entire backyard or answering questions about vintage pieces, we're the metal lawn chair experts!

Instead of making a long boring list of all the things we do, let us tell you about some of the important things we "don't" do.

  • We don't have tons of other products taking our attention away from making the best old-fashioned metal lawn chairs, gliders, rockers and love seats available.
  • We don't just sell metal lawn furniture when it's convenient or in season.  We stock all our products year round as well as a full line of parts.
  • We don't have a huge staff that can lose you in the system.  We love to answer questions about our products!
  • We don't send out your purchase without first opening the box and making certain all the parts are there, all the pieces match and the quality is up to our high standards.  Look for the "INSPECTED" sticker on the box!
  • We don't sell your information or provide it to others in any fashion or by any method!
  • We don't just talk the talk.  We actually put our name on every chair, glider, rocker and love seat we manufacture for all the world to see.  And, we put our name on every box and carton too.  We're not ashamed of anything we make!

Now here's a short list of the more common things we "do" for you.

  • We do stand behind our chairs, gliders, rockers and love seats with the strongest warranty in the industry.
  • We do know more about vintage/antique stamped metal lawn furniture than anyone else.
  • We do know what it takes to make a consistent quality product.
  • We do look for ways to improve both our products and services.
  • We do appreciate your business an respect your commitment to us.
  • We do gladly take orders by phone - toll free at 888-229-2421.
  • We do offer 24/7 fast and easy online orders at RetroMetalChairs.
  • We do answer emails quickly at rmc@retrometalchairs.com .

Give us a test drive.  Call us toll free at 888-229-2421 - Monday thru Firday, 8 to 12 and 1 to 5 Central time and speak to whoever answers and get all your questions satisfied sincerely without a run around.

High quality retro metal chairs and vintage furniture made by Torrans Manufacturing, made from stamped metal steel.