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Thunderbird style RAW PAN SET

Thunderbird style RAW PAN SET

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THUNDERBIRD RAW PAN SET - Ready for paint or powder coat

SKU: tcpraw

MSRP: $45
Product Weight 11.00 / Dimensions

Our Raw Chair Pan Sets are an excellent opportunity to start fresh with two Classic Chair Patterns from the mid-1940ís and 50ís.

These sets are precision stamped from 20 gauge cold rolled steel and compare directly to period pieces from 70 years ago. They are the same stampings we use for our Bellaire and Thunderbird chair and glider styles.

Each Pan Set comes complete with a full hardware kit necessary to assemble one chair. These kits are made from 304 Stainless Steel and include plastic plugs and spacers. Feet used for frame protection sold separately.

Cleaning, sanding and other normal surface pre-finishing preparations are all that is required to paint or powder coat.

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