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All we have left in inventory (besides parts, including heavy duty frames) is Lemon side tables, Bellaire, Thunderbird and Riviera Metal Chairs with "raw" pan sets (this includes the white heavy duty frames and hardware to assemble). Instructions on how to paint them are listed on each page. You can also just purchase the "raw pan sets" without the frames. 


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RIVIERA RAW PANS-Ready for paint or powdercoat,hardware included


Includes hardware for assembly! Pan sets ready to be painted or powdercoated


Torrans Manufacturing Company, LLC is very proud to introduce for Spring 2020 our latest Retro Metal Lawn Chair Ė Riviera! Riviera is the work of the famous industrial and Art Deco designer from the late 1930ís to well into the 1990ís Ė Viktor Schreckengost.

Viktor Schreckengost first designed his special version of the Metal Lawn Chair in about 1939 to 1940.He is even more famous for his clever seat design. Mr. Schreckengost took a square of modeling clay and asked folks outside a busy factory to sit in his clay mold so their bottoms contours would imprint into the clay. He paid each participant with a hot cup of coffee! At the end of the day, Viktor had a working example of the average of a large cross section of peopleís backside. It is widely agreed, Viktor Schreckengostís metal lawn chair seat design is the most comfortable of all the vintage metal lawn chairs.

Today, Torrans Manufacturing Company, LLC is happy to reintroduce this very important vintage metal lawn chair into our long line of Retro Metal Lawn Chairs and gliders. Both the seat and back of Mr. Schreckengostís famous design has been faithfully reproduced to exacting details! Every crease, edge and highlight of Viktorís Beverly Hills Lawn Chair is included with minute attention to his original Patent from August 20, 1940.

To further improve Viktor Schreckengostí s original Beverly Hills Lawn Chair, Torrans Manufacturing Company, LLC has paired his famous seat and stylish chair back with our signature Heavy-Duty Retro Metal Lawn Chair frame. Our Heavy-Duty Retro Metal Lawn Chair frame has a unique weight rating of 325 lbs. This extraordinary weight class rating far exceeds that of Mr. Schreckengostís Pre-WW II Metal Lawn Chair from 80 years ago.

Viktor Schreckengost designed the Beverly Hills Lawn Chair in about 1940. This Art Deco inspired chair saw very limited production due to the start of World War II and was not seen afterwards. In the Post War Era, industrialists like Allen (or possibly Alvin) Shott along with Ed Warmack began making deep drawn all steel porch or lawn chairs using round tube cantilever frames. The chair that Viktor Schreckengost designed helped to inspire these mid-century industrialists and furthered the Art Deco design movement into modern Post War America often called the Atomic Era.