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We try to keep inventory updated.  If you are able to put in your basket - then we have inventory in stock.  Once items are sold out, we will take off website.

All we have left in inventory (besides parts, including heavy duty frames) is Lemon side tables, Bellaire, Thunderbird and Riviera Metal Chairs with "raw" pan sets (this includes the white heavy duty frames and hardware to assemble). Instructions on how to paint them are listed on each page. You can also just purchase the "raw pan sets" without the frames. 


If you are interested in bulk quantities, please email us at: TMC

Care, Assembly & Warranty

  • How to care for your furniture

    Care and maintenance of your new metal lawn furniture is quite minimal. The finish is Exterior Grade, Ultra Violet resistant Powder Coat and it will keep its gloss and smooth appearance for many years of enjoyment. It is resistant to all non-abrasive household cleansers and any common kitchen product can be used. However, Powder Coat is not scratch proof. It does compare in hardness to the finish of modern automobile paints. 

    Generally a good bath with a soapy sponge removes all common yard stains. We have found a small application of liquid auto wax such as NU-FINISH lessens efforts required to remove repeat stains such as bird droppings and tree sap and increases the gloss of the Powder Coat. A small drop or two of lubricate from time to time will remove squeaks in the nylon bushings of the Swing Arms on the gliders. 

    Occasionally, when opening your metal lawn furniture, you may encounter some slight discoloration. This is caused by moisture inside the tubing and is only a stain. It compares to the ring you get in your sink when leaving a metal object for too long. This and many other scuff marks can be easily removed with Chrome Polish and a soft cloth. This procedure can be repeated as many times as necessary though out the life of your furniture.

  • Metal Lawn Chair Assembly
  • Loveseat Assembly
  • Double Glider Assembly
  • Single Glider Assembly
  • Bar Chair Assembly
  • Side Table Assembly
  • Patio Table Assembly
  • Warranty Information

    Please read the following information for details of our warranty on all furniture manufactured by Torrans Manufacturing Company, LLC (TMC):

    • Warranted for one full year from date of purchase to be free from manufactures defects.
    • Product weighs more and holds more weight than similar item from past sixty years!
    • All warranty coverage begins with the original retail purchase date.
    • Proper maintenance of your product is required to support the benefits of this warranty.
    • This warranty is voided in the event that there are indications of abuse or neglect to the furniture.
    • The Belvidere Folding Chair is not made for continuous outdoor use. They should be stored inside when not being used!
    • If you are a consumer, for service under this warranty contact your Torrans Manufacturing retailer from which you purchased the product. They may require the proof of purchase receipt including the date of purchase. They may also request that you provide photographs of the products to submit to Torrans.
    • If you are the retailer, contact Torrans directly. We will require the date of purchase and photographs of the product in question.
    • TMC will review the warranty claim and determine the most appropriate corrective action. TMC will repair or replace any part of the product or the entire product at our sole discretion if it is determined that the product is defective in material or workmanship. Repair or replacement will be at no charge to you.
    • This warranty applies only to residential use of the Torrans products.
    • Commercial use of Torrans products will be warranted if Commercial grade product is purchased.