Jimmy Fallon Video


Jimmy Fallon Video

Hey All Y’all!,

Summer is winding down and today we have that whole Solar Eclipse thing going on! I hope all ya’ll have your Metal Lawn Chair all shined up and ready for the big event. Here in East Texas we’re supposed to see about 80% coverage….if it’s not too cloudy that is. Looks like a good chance we’ll get to see some of it!

When we last left off, I was telling y’all about Jimmy Fallon and his “review” of my book, “A History of the Metal Lawn Chair”. So, here’s the rest of that little story! A bunch of us guys usually get together each week one evening after work and have a little cookout and a couple of beers. It’s a fairly long tradition and made up of my publisher, two or three school teachers, coaches and administrators, environmental engineer – who is our resident Yankee that we suspect is here by way of a Witness Protection Program and makes a fabulous Stromboli, and a couple of other usual suspects. One of our semi regulars is a retired entertainment promotor with a long list of stories about some of the more notorious singers and musicians from the 80’s and 90’s. Those folks really do lead a separate life from the rest of mere mortals! We’ll jut call this guy Ed because….that’s his name.

When the Jimmy Fallon thing came up on one these event nights, Ed listened intently and with great interest. A couple of guys remarked I should write a letter to the Tonight Show and Ed quickly came out with “Letter! Make a dang video!” And before any of us knew it, we had contacted a college kid that had all the video equipment, booked a meeting room at the City Tourism Office, enlisted the Tourism Director, ordered tee shirts and got over 100 folks from town to gather and help shoot a video in response to Jimmy Fallon and his mischaracterization of my little lawn chair book!

This was one of the more stressful things I think I’ve done in many years. It actually turned into quite a bit of work and became a bit more serious than I think anyone had imagined including me. Ed was our driving force and he was a machine! I’ve never seen this side of him nor had anyone else but he took the reigns and guided the whole thing like he was getting paid…which he wasn’t.

So, we all put on our “anti-Jimmy Fallon” tee shirts, staged the shoot, I drove around town in a golf cart rigged with seats made from Metal Lawn Chairs and we made a video to send Mr. Fallon. We even had a very talented young lady write and sing a song about the affair!

If you’d like to view the Jimmy Fallon segment of his Do Not Read review, please click this link (ours is the third book in his critique)

To see our response video, please check out this link.

Hope y’all enjoy!

Happy Eclipse Day!!



Me and Jimmy Fallon!

Hey All Y’all!

I’m sorry for the 1 year absence but I’ve made a new commitment to keep this Blog more current!. So, my intentions are to post something at least every two weeks. Thanks for visiting and I hope y’all enjoy my posts.

What’s the deal with Jimmy Fallon? Well, here you go. About January 24 of this year, Jimmy Fallon was doing is routine on the Tonight Show about books NOT to read. He calls it Do Not Read. In this segment he has a few off the radar books and he makes great fun poking jest at them. Now, as a writer myself, I sort of take umbrage with this because most folks that have gone through the trouble of writing and publishing a book on whatever subject they’re passionate about, as a rule, don’t like their work mocked. But, the entrepreneur in me knows that any notoriety, good or bad is still notoriety and I left my hurt feelings to just deal with it!

We didn’t see the Tonight Show that particular evening. I dare say we’ve only seen a couple of Tonight Shows in the last several years. I much prefer to read and skip the usual slapstick designed as a medium in which to support commercials. This is another reason we don’t have a TV in the bedroom. But, I’m fast running out of room for my book collection and it’s become quite the little joke around here about me and my book obsession. Of course it’s only an obsession if you admit to it and I’m not so inclined!

Moving on. We received a call from my publisher, Mitchel Whitington who supports my book on his Amazon site. Mitch is a local writer and has produced a good number of very entertaining and informative history books under his publishing company, 23 House. Mitchel calls and lets me know he has had an order from Amazon for about 16 of my books. This is not so out of normal but the number is larger than usual. What normally happens is someone has blogged or otherwise written about us or my book and there has been a spurt of interest. This was a Friday. On Monday, our web site showed we sold two or three copies and I get another call from Mitch wanting twelve more books. We knew something had been said, printed or posted so we take to the inner-web to search out what it might be. Nothing. On Tuesday, Mitchel calls yet again and needs another sixteen copies. Now we look with fervor. Our front office lady, Wendy has taken a look at the Amazon site and spies a comment about seeing my book on Jimmy Fallon. She goes to the Tonight Show web site and lo and behold, there’s Jimmy Fallon making fun of my book and he’s holding it up to the camera! He says he can’t recommend the book because it was written in 2014 and there’s simply no telling how many advancements have been made in the Metal Lawn Chair industry over these last few years!

This story has another turn to it that I’ll cover in another installment. If you’re inclined to see the segment, please visit YouTube and simply type in “Jimmy Fallon Metal Lawn Chair”. It is the whole Do Not Read segment for that night and mine is about the third book in his critique.

See y’all soon! Party on Lawn Chair Nation!!