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We are looking into a program that will allow you to post a picture to your comment.  For you to do this it must be located on a server somewhere (having a URL).  For most of us, this will not be the case.  It’s on our phone, in our camera or on our computer.

If you have a picture that is located on a server – ie. flicker, tumblr, picasa, photobucket or a number of other locations you can use the following to upload your picture in your comment.  <img src = “http://website/image.jpg”>

If you don’t have a URL picture then you can email your picture to us and we’ll attach it to your post.  email to:

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Posting a Picture

  1. I have 3 of the shell backed chairs, they are all a different style. The main one I have a question about is green, more of a square back, and has 3 notches in the arm for adjustment.I didn’t know if this was an earlier chair or not. They all seem to be the one frame tubing. Are you familiar with this type of chair?

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