OMG! Summer done snuck up all of a sudden!!

Hiddy Hi Hi all y’all out there in the Lawn Chair Nation!!

Haven’t posted here in a while; as I’m certain you already know! Here in Good Ole’ Jefferson, Texas, summer seems to sonder forth beginning about the second week of May. We have a very long time running celebration known as Pilgrimage which is set for the first weekend in May with parades, open houses, a play, Civil War Re-enactments and other celebrations of note. Of course, the weather is generally cooperative and most folks have cleaned off their outdoor furniture and can be seen porch or backyard sitt’n just about anywhere in town!

This is also the time of year when the Metal Lawn Chair comes into its glory and most of us take to them as much as possible. I’m sure y’all are the same way in your own little piece of heaven! It’s a busy time too. Folks are getting their flower beds in order, the grass needs to be cut pretty often and houses seem to just be prettier if for no other reason than everything is green again!

Summer is sort of a three part season here in our part the South. First, we start off with spring which quickly turns to fairly warm days but the evenings and nights are still a bit cool. Usually, the mornings seem rather cold but by afternoon you might need the AC. Then, after just a few weeks and rather suddenly, the nights are not so cool and you realize things are in for a change. This lasts for another few weeks and then comes the 90 degree weather in the afternoons. Great for sitt’n! Lastly, and we always hope it takes a good long while getting here, the nights become warmer; no less than 75! That’s when Texas starts to feel the full effects of wide open summer. Currently, we’re in stage 2 and walking around town, riding with the windows down and sitt’n in your lawn chair as the sun disappears into the tree tops is at it’s best. The down side is bugs are also doing their thing and they begin biting on you in their own celebration. Not to worry though! A well placed citronella candle or two adds to the evening’s ambiance and holds most of the little buggers at a distance!

I hope all y’all are having a wonderful spring or early summer as it were and the outdoor life style is enjoyed as much as possible. Remember, the old chairs are happiest when they’re being used and enjoyed by their owners and friends. Be kind to your old friend the metal lawn chair. Wipe them down often, maybe apply a light coat of wax on the seats and frame to bring out the shine and try to keep them on dry, well drained ground to prevent rust. If the mood strikes you, please send me a picture or two of you and your friends partaking of the season’s good time!

See Y’all Soon!