To color match or not….that is the question!

Hey All Y’all up in here in the Lawn Chair Nation!

Memorial Day was a little wet for us Southern folks but we still managed to get outside and make a trip or two to the lake for the inaugural start to summer! Bang! It’s here don’t you know!

We get calls everyday from folks that what to outfit their front porch, back yard, deck or what all. The problem comes with picking colors! We offer a whole bunch of colors and sometimes that presents a little trouble. What color to pick? Just this week a lady was fretting over her choice for going all white or mix in some color for her front porch. There are folks that want their furniture to match the house and then others want their chairs and gliders to add a splash of color. Either way is perfectly acceptable and to be very honest, there are no hard and fast rules as far as I’ve found!

But, lets take a look at what folks did back in the day how about? From the very start, reds, yellows, blues and greens were common color choices. So, if you had an all white house and you wanted metal chairs and gliders then you just put them out there and that was it. This was normal and common to see and no one freaked out. And, it was so very common to see all these colors in one setting. My feelings are that since color was such an important thing in the Post War Era that people pretty much demanded things to be offered in a choice of colors. If it wasn’t in a color then most likely it was chrome! This is also the time when cars came in colors too and not just white, black and silver.

If I could guide anyone on colors, I’d say to pick whatever suits you and have fun. I used to think we needed to match the color of the year and for awhile we did but pretty soon we came to understand that vintage style metal lawn furniture need not be in whatever the rad color was supposed to be for that year. The normal top 3 is and has been red, yellow and green. Blue is a popular third color in some parts of the country more than green. However, school colors are an important thing to consider. Folks always what to show their school colors and quite often it gets pretty intense! This is one reason why we offer so many colors.

Let me say something about red with white. There is I’m sure a physiological explanation as to why this color combination is so popular across so many years for all sorts of things. It was the hot go to colors of the 50’s but so was yellow and white let’s not forget. My aunt was a yellow and white fan of the first order! I’m sure, Coca Cola has had a lot to do with furthering the red/white proliferation. But, they weren’t the only ones cashing in so maybe it’s just in our human make up to gravitate to this color combo. As a side note, we worked with a guy on the East Coast for awhile that made the old chrome diner furniture. He told me he purposely would not bring anything red and white to display at a trade show. I asked why he didn’t go with his strongest offering? He said that every time he showed red/white, no one paid any attention to his other way cool colors! So, in order to sell his other choices, he had to leave red and white at home.

To sum up, really all you need to do is reflect back to what you mother or grandmother would have done. After all, they were in the same situation themselves back in their day too! But for them, the world was all about colors and color combinations. They just went with the flow and did what seemed natural to do. Making the world a little prettier has never been a problem for anyone. So my recommendation is just have fun, let some color flow and if that gets old, change it around! If you want a dead on match to your house color then that’s all cool as well! The important thing is to make yourself happy and enjoy the outdoors. Of course an added benefit to having multi colored lawn chairs and gliders out front, your pizza guy or visitors won’t miss your house!

Party on All Y’all and remember, don’t toss ‘m, save ‘m!

Louis (Skip) Torrans



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