Happy New Year!!

2018! Man! A new year … again! Seems like we just had one about 6 or 8 months ago! Someone needs to tap the brakes on the clock…this thing is moving entirely too fast. I remember the old folks telling me this would happen when I would go around “wishing” it was my birthday, Friday, end of school or other. They warned me that one day time would be coming too soon and I’d be wishing it be slower. Who knew they’d be right!

I hope all y’all had a wonderful Christmas and great New Year! Here in little ole’ Jefferson, Texas we’re still in holiday mode as Mardi Gras is coming real soon. Because of our relationship and history with New Orleans, we celebrate Mardi Gras in grand style. There’s a Queen Mab Ball later this month and then Mardi Gras in February. If you’ve been to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, you’ll appreciate our own style. We don’t party all month long or have big loud celebrations but we do party down for a week or so. We call ours “Mardi Gras Upriver”. Y’all might like to take a little trip and visit Jefferson this time of year and hang out with us for our Mardi Gras on February 9th and 10th. It’s not too adult and most folks have their kids with them so don’t think we’re not family oriented. There’s lots to see, parades, shopping, food, music and it’s all within easy walking distance of our little downtown area. And, there’s Lawn Chairs all around town! There’s shops with old chairs and also some new pieces around to sit and play with. Yes, they’ll sell them!

Please come see us and enjoy Mardi Gras Upriver in Jefferson, Texas. Les Bon Ton Roule’ y’all!