Saving that special find and making it new again!

Hiddy Hi all y’all out there in the Lawn Chair Nation!

OMG! Memorial Day is like here and I mean right now! Y’all know what that means? Summer time is upon us and sitt’n outside is what it’s all about! We’ve got most of the kids coming so we washed and arranged our chairs and gliders for everyone to enjoy. Hope the rain stays away and I hope all y’all take a moment to remember the reason for the holiday and thank a Veteran for his/her service and their help in making our Country the Greatest on the Planet!

Today, I want to help y’all with rebuilding that garage/lawn/church/flea or whatever type of sale you scored an old piece of metal lawn furniture and brought home to love. Sourcing parts can be a little difficult compared to rebuilding other things. I remember as a kid working on go-carts, mini-bikes and cars that you had to go to the back of magazines to locate companies selling the stuff your needed. You had to write off for their catalog, which took weeks to arrive and sometimes you even had to send them money to buy them! But that’s how it was back in the day and I was a catalog collector of the first order. I had catalogs from all over the country and I used to look them over like they were one of those men’s magazines I used to try to sneak a peek at in the rack down at the drug store. Hoo Boy!

Anyways, now we have the internet and with just a few clicks you can find almost anything you might need. However, parts for vintage lawn furniture is not, shall we say, a target rich environment. To my knowledge, we are the only company offering parts for the old chairs and glider in the styles we make. Today, we service an ever growing community of Lawn Chair Aficionados fixing up their found treasures or family heirlooms. Most of the time we can help but there are other instances where we can’t.

Ironically, we have some sources I’d like to share with all y’all that routinely comes to the aid of a stumped owner/rebuilder needing parts. Vintage Glider – has been helping to save old chairs and gliders for over 10 years. I’ve been watching them all this time and have seen them grow from a little ole’ shop to what they are today. Mostly, they refinish the square, couch looking metal glides like those made by JR Bunting. but they have other pieces available and provide custom work too. Now that they are enjoying much deserved growth, they have a nice supply of vintage parts available to help you rebuild that old family piece that’s on its last leg. I’m certain if you have one of the old square shaped gliders and are in need of a part or just want to check on their services, they’ll take great care of you! They have the same passion for these old pieces as you do!

Another source for a few things might lead you to eBay. I’ve run across old parts there pretty often from someone that has torn down an old piece and is selling the good parts. Also, there are a few folks that have taken the time to remake some of the old parts that are hard to find. They might not be vintage but they are modeled after old pieces and will get you back in business!

And lastly, we receive inquiries pretty often from folks working on old glidesr in the style we make. In the early years, about the 1970’s to the late 80’s, Flanders was making gliders and using swing arms that had nylon bushings that looked a lot like a little top hat. They fit onto a special made bolt that had a larger than normal shoulder so the nylon bushing would run smooth. You must have these original bolts to use replacement bushings. Without them, the bushings will be way too loose. And, at this time I can’t help with a source for replacement bolts of this type. AND! Before I forget, if you have one of the older made Flanders gliders and intend to have them powder coated, make double sure the powder coater does not throw out these special bolts! I can’t tell you how many times some one calls me and they have “lost” one or more of these special bolts! Now, if you just need to replace the bushings, here’s what I have for you. Contact McMaster Carr @ and order part number 6389K625. These are nylon bushing as closely made as I’ve been able to locate to replace the bushing on an early Flanders glider. If you need a complete new set of swing arms, ours will get you back going! They include a pressed in bushing in the same style Flanders went to in the late 80’s up until 1996 when they stopped production. Sorry, but our swing arms bushings are not available separately.

We’re always happy to hear from folks rebuilding an old chair or glider and we gladly offer whatever support and advise we get anyone fixed up.

Thanks for dropping by and have a safe and very happy Memorial Day Weekend!!