The Book is so very close!!

Howdy Lawn Chair Nation!

I know this is like a broken record but we finally have the book in the hands of the printer and our proof copy will be in my hands this week (June 9-13). If the proof is all good then we should have copies to sell by early July. The proofing, as it turns out is the really hard part! You have to read your whole book, front to back and look for typos, badly worded or incorrect sentences and any other thing your English teacher would ding you for on an essay. You’d be surprised how many left out words there were. You think you’re typing them because you’re thinking them but when you look again they’re not there. It’s like your mind was faster than your fingers; which it is for me anyway! In case you want to know, it takes about one and half days of constant reading to read the whole book cover to cover. My eyes crossed after I was done! Please check the web site over the next several weeks for our announcement on the arrival of the book and if anyone would like, I’m more than happy to sign your copy!