The book is amost here!

Howdy to all y’all out there in the Lawn Chair Nation!

I guess we don’t need to talk about the winter we’ve had and some are still having now do we? I know here in East Texas it’s been pretty cold and it has been colder for longer periods than most folks can recall. The good news is we’re heading into spring and that means lawn chair season is just in front of us. Speaking of lawn chairs, which is what we like to do, the long awaited book “The Metal Lawn Chair” by yours truly is actually in the capable hands of my publisher. If you’ve never written a book and gone through the whole process you can’t imagine all the little issues that crop up. For me, it’s been the letting go and just saying, “Here it is! Take it and I don’t want to see again until it’s a book!” But, every time I get comfortable with it and almost ready to hand it over, somewhere or someone sends me a picture or an email and then I do a little research and suddenly I have to go and make an update or add some lines here and there. But, I truly think I’m done this time and barring any glaring editing issues, we’re heading to press in just a few weeks.

I hope those of you that have been patiently waiting find the book to your liking. I’ve tried to include everything I have available, all that I have learned and as many pictures as can be reasonably inserted. My hope is it will lead to even more folks coming forward with pictures and questions and then in a couple of years I’ll update the book with a second edition. In all honesty, I am proud of the book and have done my darnedest to include solid information with as little speculation as possible. Still, there is the inevitable rabbit trail that doesn’t lead to anything but a briar patch. “Here inside this briar patch lies your answer. It’s a rather thorny endeavor so take caution pilgrim!” These are the kind of words I hear in my head late at night after I’ve been asleep for about 4 hours and now I’m wide awake at 2:30 like I’ve just had a Mountain Dew and bag of M&M’s. All I can tell you and all that I’m left with is what the trip looks like The not being able to find a conclusive answer is most disheartening. But, as I’ve said before, all I can do is provide you with as much information as I’ve learned and hope that just maybe someone will have the answer and is willing to share it with me. I really do hope the book does generate this and I’ll get to meet others that may have traveled the same trials I’ve been down or found one or three I missed. This is also why the book carries a second title “Here’s what we know now.” which means this is all we have at this time but we’ll break in with any updates as they become available.

As always, please send me your questions and please, please, please be sure to include pictures. General descriptions are great but you’d be amazed how many old styles of metal lawn chairs actually exist. It’s just crazy and I’m so sorry that only what appears to be a limited handful is still left out there. Some are way, way cool and if the manufacturer had just had a little more luck then maybe we’d have more of them to play with today. Some are so old and rare that you wouldn’t dare want to sit in them for fear of possibly breaking them or something.

Talk to all y’all again soon!

Louis Torrans