Hi all y’all lawn chair confederates!

I know it’s been awhile since posting! I’m very sorry and I’m trying to mend my ways.

The other day a gentleman asked about metal/steel chairs and gliders with aluminum frames and I told him I wasn’t sure if Atlanta Stove Works ever used aluminum. Well!! Today, while working on the book…again!, I found an old picture of a metal lawn glider with aluminum frame and it was identified as being from Atlanta Stove Works. I have no recollection where the picture came from but if I noted it as such I am darned sure I did for a good reason. So, I’m very sorry for providing inaccurate information but here is the photo. But in my defense, Atlanta Stove Works is such a cold trail on any sort of information about their line of lawn furniture. I have picked up bits and pieces of information and I just filed this away and forgot about! Won’t be doing that again any time too soon….I hope!

KIngGliderAtlantaStoveWorks. Thanks!


Louis Torrans