Coming soon! USA made chairs!!

Hi again lawn chair fans!

We’ve got a great announcement! For the past several years we’ve been exploring the details of making a line of our chairs both in the USA and here in Texas. Well, I’m very happy to say we’re just about ready to begin production on a truely old and vintage chair not seen since the early 1940s and it’s just dripping with Art Deco style.

We’ve been working closely with a pair of shops just a little ways from us in Tyler, Texas and they will be forming our frames and appling a dynamite powder coat finish to all the parts. We’ll perform all the final packing in our Jefferson, Texas facility.

This will be a somewhat limited run and available in three wet hot colors. Red, Blue and Black. The frames will be finished in the same color so these first run pieces are what is known as “mono” colors. Later, after our customers give feedback we’ll make additions and maybe begin a line of gliders and love seats in more color options.

Please keep a lookout for the coming annoucment and availablity of the US products!


Louis Torrans

Retro metal chairs are our passion!

Hello again to all you lawn chair aficionados!

Some of you will notice this blog – sort of – kinda – went – you know – away! We live in the digital age and thus we have digital isues which thankfully only occur on rare occations like Mondays. But, I’m very happy to report the difficulties have been repaired and we’re back to talking about my favorite topic which is metal lawn chairs!

Like you, I have so many fond memories of just sitting in the old metal chairs and listening to the grown folks discuss their important matters of the day. My Grandmother shelling peas hoping for just the breath of a breeze to take off the heat of the afternoon. And after Church, we’d all sit outside in the chairs and everyone would enumerate all the things they were “fix’n” to go do for the afternoon with no particular hurry being evident.

When I decided to venture off on my own and make our version of these wonderful old chairs, I did it with these thoughts still fresh in my mind but many years old. Then as now, I am committed to all our chairs and gliders having the same feel, proportions, strength and value as those from “back in the day”. We feel like we owe this to these simple products that have touched so many hearts over these many years.

I have studied the history of these chairs and gliders for years now and visited with some of the old manufactures and those that were there. If you share the same sort of interest in these way cool stamped metal chairs as I do then I invite you to come sit a bit and tell us your story or ask a question. I love talking about lawn chairs and gliders!


Louis Torrans