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2 Heavy Duty Parklane Chairs and 1 Side Table

2 Heavy Duty Parklane Chairs and 1 Side Table

Price: $182.72

This Set is for 2 Parklane HD Chairs and 1 side table (same color).

SKU: setpmc

Product Weight 52.00 / Dimensions 24X22X33.5,20X20

Two Heavy Duty Parklane  Metal chairs and One Side Table of the same color

Parklane Metal Lawn Chair Set by Torrans Manufacturing Co., LLC.

Retro Metal Lawn Chairs - also referred to as Motel Chairs, Bouncers, Shellback, Clamshell, Tulip, 1950s style or Shell Chairs.

Our Stamped Steel chairs and side table will bring back fond memories of Vintage Patio Furniture on your porch, by the pool, on your patio or in the yard under the shade of the trees.

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Image 4.0 stars out of 5
Huckleberry Fan

I received my Parklane set this week. I love the color.This was a huge selling feature for me.

I think I would have been more comfortable spending more money for the furniture and have less charged for shipping. Just my perception of hthngs. I rationalized it eventually.

The first chair took an extra 45 minutes to put together as the tubing had a seam inside which would not allow the curved bit to insert properly. I had to file it down with a diamond file. Sort of frustrating. A bigger, earlier warning about the gap encountered between the frame and the seat for that last bolt might be good- including a recommendation on how to deal with it. I ended up sitting on the thing sideways! The Allen wrench pooped out on that last bolt and I had to use another. Actually, photos of the assembly would have been more helpful than the included sheet.

I became aware of a paint blemish (a sort of a sheeting) on the back AFTER I had it put together. Do you offer any sort of touch-up paint product? The second chair required less filing, but still was more frustrating than I would have liked.

A complimentary container of the recommended auto polish would be a nice gesture.

Somehow things arrived sound, although the box looked like it had been through a meat grinder when it arrived, all the corners soft .

I was disappointed that the product originated in China. I missed this fact on your website. (I didn't see it now going back to look either.) I got the feeling things were coming from you there in Texas.

It has rained constantly since their installation in the back yard. i look forward to using them soon and for many years to come. They sure look pretty!

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